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About Your Candidate

I have been fortunate to live, work, and raise my family in Huntington and want nothing more than to serve the community that has given us so much. My wife Jill and I, along with our children Tiana, Connor, and Jenelle, together with our secret weapon Grandma B, genuinely love this town and believe in our hearts that Huntington is a bright, beautiful microcosm of our great nation. It is with this passion in our hearts that we have decided to run for Town Board, and I have every confidence that our ticket leader Ed Smyth, as well as my friend and running mate Sal Ferro, and the very talented Highway Superintendent candidate Andre Sorrentino will serve the residents with distinction. While the members of our slate each bring unique ideas and experiences to the campaign, we are united in our commitment to fiscally responsive, service-oriented leadership.


Three decades as a public educator have introduced me to thousands of wonderful families, and inspired me to continued service in the township.  I have been immersed in the region as a teacher, coach, advisor and school administrator with the most recent privilege of serving as principal of Harborfields High School and now Superintendent of the South Huntington School District.  I have also spent more than 20 years as an adjunct college professor and serve as the lead teacher for all New York State’s School Building and District Leadership certification exams. My work reveals communities that have endured numerous challenges over this past year and our people deserve thoughtful, optimistic leadership going forward. This is the time for civility and a commitment to teamwork, which puts progress over partisanship and people over party. In truth, this is our generation’s unique moment in time, and the example that we set over these next few years is sure to reverberate for a long time to come.


While there is no question that our Township is as diverse as the people it represents, the forces that unite us are still more powerful than the things that drive us apart. Our families generally want the same things: specifically, safe, secure places to live and quality schools to educate our children. Similarly, young people want to be able to return to the communities they love, and we all want to maintain the warm character of our Downtowns and Main Streets.  From the beautiful beaches to world-famous parks, we have a responsibility to preserve our incredible resources, while simultaneously controlling taxes so young professionals can afford to enjoy the Huntington lifestyle.  


Our team is well aware that residents want results-oriented government, and the reopening of Town Hall should include a special eye on increased efficiency and customer convenience. We also need to reach into the schools, not-for-profits, businesses, and faith-based organizations to build partnerships and engage our young people in productive interests. Our communities have so many incredible resources at their disposal, and the time is right to capitalize on those numerous strengths.


My family knows without question that Huntington is the bright beacon of hope and shining city on a hill, upon which our nation was built. We have been blessed by good fortune and now must answer the call by moving our communities forward in a thoughtful, bipartisan manner. So let’s model the behaviors that we hope to see in others and make our children proud of the Huntington that we leave for their generation.

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