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Volume 4

Food for Thought:

“Live your life with class, dignity, and style so that an exclamation, rather than a question mark signifies it!” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Councilman’s Corner:

This last week of April always has a special feel. The bitter March winds and cool April rains are finally coming to an end, and we are entering the late spring and summer season that makes Long Island shine. There is simply no denying the sheer beauty of our region, and our wonderful Town is the crowned jewel of that majestic landscape. Please know that we understand just how quickly these spring and summer months go by and are working to ensure that our beaches, parks, pools, and fields are in top shape for the season to come.

Of course, there are plenty of activities "in the here and now," and last week's schedule was no exception. Our Department of Human Services continued to install new club officers in the Town's various Senior Citizen organizations, with special recognition for the men and women who built our communities. We also celebrated Earth Day with a variety of fairs, clean-up activities, and ceremonies while at the same time continuing our "Business Tour." We also had the very special honor of recognizing our veterans at the Commack School Districts Tribute to the Troops Recognition ceremony. We had the privilege of launching Team Eva’s Opening Ceremony and kick-off for their incredible run in support of all those who wear our nation's uniform. This past weekend also brought the added blessing of seeing the intersection of Spring Road and Nassau Road, named in honor of the late Bishop Norris Porter. The heavens were smiling as we honored this very special community leader.

The bottom line is that activities abound in Huntington, and there is something for everyone in our wonderful town.

100 Community Business Tour:

While some would argue that they are technically not a small business, our visit this week brought us to The Greenlawn Post Office, where we met Shaquanna Mackey. Ms. Mackey's name came to us from a resident who raved about the efficient customer service that Shaquanna has provided their family on countless occasions. Appreciation and praise for Shaquanna's efforts were seconded by countless customers when we showed up in Greenlawn, and we were thrilled to recognize a public servant who treats each customer with the care she would give her own family.

Heard Around Town:

Bishop Norris Porter Way/Spring Road - The clouds parted, and we were showered in the sunshine as the intersection of Spring Road and Nassau Road was named in honor of Bishop Norris Porter. Bishop Porter, who was a proud graduate of Walt Whitman High School, was the leader of Huntington's Christian Charities Deliverance Church and a powerful advocate for our community. Bishop Porter was a devout family man who loved his parishioners and Huntington with all his heart for eight decades and leaves a legacy of compassion and service that will endure for generations to come. We encourage Huntingtonians of all faiths to visit Bishop Porter Street and say a little prayer that the pastor's shining example of grace can impact us all in our daily lives.

Saluting Those Who Defend Our Freedom:

It was WWII Office of War Information Director Elmer Davis who said, "This nation will remain the land of the free as long as it is the home of the brave." The members of our Huntington Family wholeheartedly believe that truer words have never been spoken, and we cherish opportunities to salute the brave patriots who have sacrificed for our freedom. To this end, we were honored to watch as Commack High School held its second annual Salute to the Troops. This wonderful program was made special by both the gravity of the service members' sacrifices as well as the fact that Commack's students are so deeply committed to this cause. There is something inspiring in knowing that our schools, families, and communities are teaching such valuable lessons of gratitude to the next generation of leaders.

Fortunately, that spirit of patriotic gratitude continued last week as Team EVA (Every Veteran Appreciated) kicked off its annual commitment to seven marathons in seven days right here in Huntington Town Hall. Eva's first marathon was dedicated to Gold Star Families. We salute Team EVA as well as the brave patriots whose uniforms represent our nation's flag. We also offer special gratitude and condolences to the Gold Star parents whose families paid the ultimate price for our liberty.


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